California Chariot Scooters

California Chariot Scooters offers quality children's foot scooters that are a cross between a BMX biek and two skateboards.

With the California Chariot, now you can experience the thrill that has been reserved for seasoned skateboard riders and in-line skaters.A cross between a BMX bike, two skateboards and a shopping cart, the California Chariot is a radically extreme scooter that excites children of all ages. It is as easy to ride as a shopping cart - just step on and glide. With three wheels and dual footboards, it boasts an unusually stable and smooth ride. But, with speeds reaching 18 mph on flat ground, kids have proven that the California Chariot can perform and endure even the most athletic and radical moves!

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NOTE FROM California Chariot Scooters:

The picture of Marky Sparky on our toys. It was taken in 1959. We think that he is on the verge of inventing his first toy. Note the large forehead and sneaky eyes. These traits have become synonymous with great innovators within the "Toy Inventing" community. He seemed early on to possess the Toy Inventor look that would enable him to become a legend in his own mind...

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