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Set as your main destination for thrilling car stunt videos, fun games for kids, and the latest scoop on all of the best toy cars and playsets! You’ll get your fill of adrenaline-pumping excitement featuring your favorite brand of diecast cars Check out our action-packed collection of racing games, including the unstoppable Mega Boost Blaster, Monster Jam Destruction, Wall Tracks Freakout, and Monster Jam Ultimate Stunt Jumper. Browse our racing videos featuring stunt drivers from Team Hot Wheels, and then head over to Team Hot Wheels Tryouts to test your skills and see which of our Hot Wheels stunt teams you belong on. Find out how to collect and compete with My Car Collector, where you can find your favorite Hot Wheels diecast cars, earn awesome badges, and see how you compare with others! Go for it at, where toy trucks and cars rule!

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