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 6 VOLT MOTORCYCLES:                                                 

Unfortunately, this little vintage retro Indian Motorcycle is no longer produced at this time. I was able to find a couple of other retro models available now though. My son loved this bike. It was sturdy with training wheels and low to the ground. It went very slow and allowed him to practice balance. Be sure to check inseam length compared to seat height when purchasing one for your little one. Handle bar position can matter too. I gauged ride on toy ability with how far motor-skills were at. My daughter who was 16 months older was more awkward on ride on toys than my son who pulled himself up and onto his first 6 volt quad before he could walk on his first birthday (we had slow walkers). ;-O So do take individual skill level into account when deciding.

FIND Vintage 6 Volt Motorcycles available at Amazon.

...anything for a vintage look, we <3 RETRO!
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