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 6 VOLT TRUCKS                                                                     

From Fire Trucks to Pick Up Trucks, these little ride ons are full of fun! I remember my son went through a phase where he LOVED monster trucks. The Background image is one of him standing next to a truck where the tires were HUGE, at least a foot an a half over his head! He loved that truck!


We didn't have a 6 volt truck but we had a lot of friends who did and it would be the first thing he would run to when we visited their house. These also make great first time ride one because they have a low center of gravity too and are sturdy and easy to drive. I felt like the steering wheel was a little harder to adjust to at first verses handle bars but that might just be because we had balance bikes the kids rode a lot prior to electric vehicles. Either way, they adjust to them just fine. Each kid is so different. Can't go wrong with a pick-up truck.

Calling all Trucks.....
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