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 12 VOLT RIDE ON TRACTORS & OTHERS:                        

Oh boy does a good ride on toy enhance our littles ones creative imaginations!


It was so fun to see my kids play out what was in their heads and take them on crazy fun adventures. My son on a police motorcycle chasing down the "bad guy" or gal, in his case since it was usually his big sister trying to outrun him on her ride on toy.  We had plenty of farm role play too "out on farm". We had a 12 volt John Deere Gator by Peg Perego back in the day that played well alongside a 12 Volt Peg Perego front loader. 

*The Peg Perego John Deere Gator  & Peg Perego Front Loader Ride-on 12 Volt Tractor favorite! As always, I recommend a second battery so the fun doesn't have to end!

Kids imaginations & a ride on toy...
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