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 6 VOLT RIDE ON TOY CARS:                                           

At left you can see my son on a Dora the Explorer ride on car and in the background is my daughter on her 1st birthday getting of coarse, her first ride on toy. Granted, this one was a little ambitious for a 1st ride on toy but then... mamma owns a huge online toy store at the time specializing in non other than RIDE ON TOYS!!!! So, this was the first year REMOTE CONTROL RIDE ONS came out!!!! THE BEST! So, I COULD in fact stick my one year old in a car and hand my husband a REMOTE CONTROL. Does it can any better folks? In hind sight I think we were a lot more thrilled with the idea than she was but hey!? It's all good. ;-) lol


are available now, click there or here.! It's CRAZY!

...ok, so 6 volt cars have come a LONG way!
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