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A Journey Down the Tracks...

Trekking down the tracks with big sister in tow.

This little ride on toy Santa Fe Choo-Choo train with add on caboose by Peg Perego is perhaps my favorite ride-on of all time. I don't know who enjoyed this toy more.... myself, as the giddy momma watching her littles travel 'round the playroom together or these littles that were thrilled to take on such an exciting journey on their very own private railroad?

It's not anything I ever imagined having in my home, even if I did daydream about having one like the train on a show I watched called "Silver Spoons" in my own youth. (oops, I've dated myself now, oh-well). ;-)

While Peg Perego no longer make this cute little Thomas the Train model any longer, they do offer it's classic Santa Fe Choo Choo ride on train at Amazon, you can find it below. Power wheels offers a different Thomas model, it's not the same as the one I have featured above that my kiddos had but it is still very cute. I just happen to be a huge advocate for Peg Perego quality. My children had several different Peg Perego model ride on toys and they lasted for a very long time and were all very well loved by both my children and all of their friends.

Well, happy train travels (or enjoy watching the journey) ... Choo-CHOO!!!!!

By the way, I do receive a small compensation from Amazon if you happen to purchase anything after clicking one of my links. Thank you for visiting my Mobileation Ride on Toys Blog!


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