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 6 VOLT TRACTORS & Accessories                                   

but our fascination with them is multi-generational, it never ends. Name me an adult that wouldn't like to drive a tractor! They're fun and powerful and make work on the farm fun and easier! 

We had a couple of 12 volt tractors but that's because we happened to start with 6 volt quads and cars. Tractors are a great first ride-on too. They are stable and loaded with extra fun like lifters and trailers and things like that. The 12v ones we had were from Peg Perego but so were a lot of our riding toys and other baby items because I worked so closely with Peg Perego and I really valued the quality and care they put into all of their products. Plus, their customer service is so excellent. The best! 

Left photo is of my mom with my son at a farm we go to each year for pumpkins around Halloween. Its called Mortimer Farms in

Dewey, AZ. Loads of fun for the entire family!

Ok, ok that's not a 6v Tractor...
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